The boat that you looked at today
and want to think about until tomorrow,
may be the same boat that
someone else looked at yesterday,
and will buy today!

What’s My Boat Worth

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If you are considering selling your boat, we would be happy to perform a free market analysis for you to help determine the value. Please tell us a bit about your boat to start with and we’ll research the value, ultimately we would like to visit the boat to see condition, equipment, etc… We use several sources to research its current value including the national database, various book values and our own 20 plus years of boat sales history. We work with and are familiar with all different shapes and sizes of yachts and boats, but generally have the most knowledge around the Great Lakes area and in general, 22 feet and over.

Researching historical and current data to determine the price range to list your boat is just a starting point. There are other factors to consider such as: the time of year, the current market demand for a certain model, your timing for selling, your level of motivation, what type of upgrades the boat has and more. Maintaining the boat while it is on the market and making it available for viewing are other factors. We’ll be glad to talk you through all of these considerations and more. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give you our best analysis.

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